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Seniors Got Talent 2012

SENIORS GOT TALENT is a performance at The Residences at Panorama Pointe Community Center in Westminster, Colo. on February 24, 2012, produced, directed and originated by J. Burl Ortega. The show is 1 hour, 21 minutes. 

The program is: INTRODUCTION by Dot Bering – emcee; ACT ONE by Noreen Norden – singer, “How’s My Ex Treating You?” with J. Burl Ortega on keyboard; ACT TWO by Louise Lancaster – singer, “Holly Holy” and “You Don’t Bring Me Flowers Anymore”; ACT THREE by Jackie Sanchez – singer, “Life Without End At Last”; ACT FOUR by Dot Bering – singer, “Can’t Help Falling In Love” with J. Burl Ortega on keyboard; ACT FIVE by Helen Cornay – singer, “Maybe You’ll Be There” with J. Burl Ortega on keyboard; ACT SIX by Noreen Norden – singer, “That’s What I Get For Loving You!”; ACT SEVEN by Jim Rushton – storyteller, “Old West” tales; ACT EIGHT by Jackie Sanchez – singer, “Two Shades Of Blue” with J. Burl Ortega on keyboard; ACT NINE by J. Burl Ortega – performer, “La Noche Fue Te Fueste” with Helen Cornay dancing; SPECIAL GUEST APPEARANCE by Bobby Ortega “Elvis” – impersonator, Elvis Presley medley

SPECIAL THANKS to: Supporting Staff – Michelle Calangelo, Dorothy Fry,  Addie Santoyo, Pat Young; Lydia and the staff at The Residences at Panorama Pointe; Special Guest – Bobby Ortega “Elvis”; All performers – Dot Bering, Helen Cornay, Louise Lancaster, Noreen Norden, Jim Rushton, Jackie Sanchez, J. Burl Ortega

Video Production by Tanya Ishikawa & Denver Open Media

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