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Senator Pat Steadman
In Project: Views from Denver

Senator Pat Steadman of Denver filled the vacancy left when Sen. Jennifer Veiga left. Now he's up to his chin in legislative bills, while also chairing the Senate Judiciary Committee, though he is Vice Chair.

Sen. Steadman brings two guests: Christie Donner of the Colorado Criminal Justice Reform Coalition, and Elaine Marina of the Colorado Coalition on the Arts. Both guests review bills carried by Sen. Steadman.

Christie Donner reviews bills modifying drug sentencing laws and the need to provide help to people with addictions or mental illness who cycle in and out of the prison system because they lack assistance.

Marina focuses on arts issues while Sen. Steadman carries a bill encouraging art in public places.

Host Nancy Ulrich adds a few questions to stir things up in this LIVE unscripted hour-long talk show.

Meet Senator Steadman, a new legislator from Denver.

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In Project: Views from Denver
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