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Senate President Brandon Shaffer
In Project: Views from Denver

Senate President Brandon Shaffer reviews some important legislation from the 2010 Session in these tough economic times, including a variety of his own bills that have now been signed by Governor Bill Ritter and are law.

President Shaffer discusses working with Minority Leader Senator Josh Penry to sculpt some important legislation to make the Public Employees Retirement Association financially solid in the future.

He was co-sponsor of the ill-fated HB1152 for disability civil rights, which died in the House.

He explains his perspective on upholding the Colorado constitution and implementing regulation of the marijuana industry this year.

And we find out a bit about President Shaffer's background in the Navy and his district in Eastern Boulder County.

This hour of chat with Host Nancy Ulrich is unscripted, but taped on June 9, 2010 for broadcast June 11, 2010.

The VIEWS FROM DENVER archives may be accessed at www.denveropenmedia.org/project/6456/shows.

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In Project: Views from Denver
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