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Senate In Balance - Show 2
In Project: The Aaron Harber Show

Aaron Harber talks with Mark Udall about his motivations for running for the US Senate. Mark discusses his family's involvement, over many years, in politics and government, and his own experiences in the Colorado House of Representatives, as a Congressman, and as a businessman. Mark talks about his record as a Congressman and nominates several issues on which he would continue to work if elected to the Senate, including energy independence, the immigration system, health care and national security.<br /><br />Mark outlines what he believes is the need for new leadership which is embracing and inclusive. He expresses a desire to see reform in the campaign financing system and suggests some options for change. Aaron and Mark discuss positive campaigning and Mark talks about his ""ideas raisers"". Mark also discusses his preference for shorter campaign periods and a return to a governing mindset.

Published: 2/20/2009 0 Comments
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