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Senate In Balance - Show 10
In Project: The Aaron Harber Show

<p>War, energy and health care are key topics in the second part of Aaron Harber's conversation with United States Senator Ken Salazar. Ken discusses foreign policy in the context of the wars in which the United States is currently engaged. He talks about energy policy and the role US technology and ingenuity can play in addressing American energy needs, particularly in relation to renewable and alternative energies. Ken and Aaron talk about the state of the health system and Ken nominates a number of areas which he believes, if addressed, will provide better health outcomes and coverage for Americans.<br /><br /><br />Aaron raises the issue of federal accounting standards and the federal budget deficit which Ken describes as a ""fiscal disaster"". Ken discusses the need to reform the tax code informed by an evaluation of the revenue required for the Federal government to fulfill its functions. Ken emphasizes throughout the discussion, the need for both sides of Congress to work together to address the serious issues facing the nation.<br /><br /><br />Finally, Aaron and Ken discuss the Roan Plateau and the actions of the Bureau of Land Management.</p>

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