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Sen. Suzanne Williams
In Project: Views from Denver

Senator Suzanne Williams puts a kinder, gentler face on the Indian mascot bill she sponsored and which has already died this Legislative Session. Raising awareness of the issue was, in fact, accomplished, however.

Other bills Senator Williams sponsored are also reviewed in this show, including the Primary Seat Belt law proposed in hopes of winning federal money AND SAVING LIVES, enforcement of disabled parking, Medicaid payments to hospices, and a variety of health bills.

Senator Williams, Majority Caucus Chair, has also been on the Senate Transportation Committee for awhile. She is also on the Senate Business Affairs Committee as vice chair.

Hailing from Arapahoe County, she has a long legislative track record, which includes passing the bill five years ago to return the sex offender registry to the public domain, instead of privately held by the Colorado Bureau of Investigations.

Published: 3/03/2010 0 Comments
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In Project: Views from Denver
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