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Sen. Nancy Spence & Rep. Mark Ferrandino
In Project: Views from Denver

Denver League of Women Voters' recent luncheon featured the League of Women Voters' state lobbyist Christine Watson quizzing Sen. Nancy Spence and Rep. Mark Ferrandino on expectations for the upcoming Legislative Session of 2011. Ferrandino, with 2 years experience on the JBC, becomes its senior member this year. And Spence draws some lines in the sand in her graceful way.

Senator Chris Romer added comments hinting of his potential announcement of his bid for Denver's mayoral race.

Rep. Beth McCann and Dr. Irene Aguilar were present to persuade attendees of their qualifications to win Romer's senate seat.

And Denver Auditor Dennis Gallagher chatted with folks over lunch.

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In Project: Views from Denver
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