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Scoop Shape Shake Fashion Show & Rock Concert
In Project: The Scoop Nemeth Show

1st hour fashion show - Brian “Scoop” Nemeth is a man with autism and high functioning aspergers, who can sew complex fashions (swimwear, skirts, vests, pants, etc). He is holding a fashion show, which showcases the complex fashions he has sewn himself.

Intermission - He is also looking to market his startup line. So, during intermission before the concert, he’ll have the audience (and you watching at home) fill out market research surveys. That way, he’ll know who the target market, what you like, dislike, and wanna change about his line. You can CLICK HERE to take the online survey.

2nd hour concert - Mer Sal and the Symbols are a female fronted funk/pop/rock trio from Fort Collins, Colorado, formed in 2010 by guitarist Jasco and vocalist/songwriter/bassist Mer Sal. They write their own music and call it "spiritual porn rock" - music that is good for the soul and body. Their unique sound, charisma, and songs are winning hearts through theaters and festivals across the country. The Symbols come highly recommended if you listen to a range of influences like Jeff Beck, Sheryl Crow, Grace Potter and the Nocturnals, Amy Winehouse, and The Red Hot Chili Peppers.


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