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Regan Linton
In Project: Views from Denver

Regan Linton, the PHAMALY actress who keeps scooping up theater awards, plans to study her craft in San Diego in September, so we finally got her on VIEWS FROM DENVER for a more personal interview with the real her, instead of all those characters she plays.

OK, we share videotape of her performances in PHAMALY's recent productions of Steel Magnolias, Vox Phamalia, and Man of La Mancha, so she finally gets to watch herself perform!

Footage of her performance behind a mustache in "Beauty and the Beast," PHAMALY's current musical production in the SPACE Theater, is available on Brainiacs. Archives are available at www.denveropenmedia.org/project/6254/shows.

If she's made you cry too or driven her point home like a brick in the gut, then maybe you too are going to miss her as much as EVERYBODY ELSE!

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In Project: Views from Denver
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