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Johnnie J reflection on Martin Luther King Day, I met and march with Republican Caspar Stockam, “Youth program “Project Purpose,” “Operation community reboot,” and his partner Donald Murphy and KLZ 560 AM radio show host Kim Monson from Americhicks as I look back on where we came from as slave use as free labor and sex toys by some of the men in the south, the start of the K.K.K. by President Jackson in 1826 and later Jim Crow laws from the Democrats in the south. How did Martin senior and junior come to have their names in 1932? The 60 million killed through abortion with most of them are black and brown children, “Black genocide.” The speech Robert F Kennedy made after learning of the assassination of M.L.K. Don’t forget to like our FB page, listen to our 6:00pm Monday/Tuesday call in radio show 720 324-7278, watch our FB, “Innervision.J, Periscope, follow us on twitter innervisionreco and sign up on our web site for our free News Letter at Donate to our nonprofit at Us these links to buy stuff: Use this link and Amazon will donate 5 percent to Innervision Car donation http://¬www.cardonatingiseasy¬.org/donate/¬?CharityID=4015 - Toll Free Donation (7 days a week): 855 500-RIDES (7433) Charity ID 4015 • eBay for Charity PayPal Donations Page
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