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(born 9 September 1999) Tyrese Johnson-Fisher is a former professional rugby union wing for Bristol Bears in Premiership Rugby. At the age of 15 a video of him playing for Oakham School emerged, with over 2.5 million views to date. He spent one year with the Coastal Carolina Chanticleers football team in the NCAA's Sun Belt Conference, returned to the UK to play professional rugby and now ‘Back in the USA”.
Richie English is quick out of the blocks as he and Tyrese get together to put points on the board with this enthralling whirlwind story. If you are an upcoming athlete with ambition, this broadcast is a must.

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Tyrese had competed for 'Oakham' and the 'Croydon Harriers,' which are renowned athletic clubs in his hometown. He rose to prominence after a streaming company captured his finest rugby skills and published a video on 'YouTube.' The video was watched by over two million viewers. In March 2015, he scored four spectacular tries for the under-15 team of 'Oakham School,' against 'Bishop Wordsworth,' during the 'NatWest Schools Cup.' He later played for the 'Leicester Tigers Academy' under-18 team, as a winger. He displayed his sheer brilliance there, too.
With 'Oakham,' Tyrese toured all over South Africa, achieving impressive victories over local schools. With this level of performance, Tyrese was expected to prepare for the upcoming 'Premiership U18' league and other school-level competitions. Back then, everyone hoped Tyrese would try for the England under-18 selection, but he chose a completely different path, in a different nation altogether.
Despite achieving fame in rugby, Tyrese decided to take a break from the sport and pursue football instead. However, Tyrese also focused on sprinting, another sport he had been excelling in for several years.
At the age of 16, Tyrese recorded a win at the 60m 'National Indoor Finals.' He finished in just 6.89 seconds, representing the 'Croydon Harriers' (an athletic club based in Croydon, England). He also grabbed the third position in all of England in the under-17 100m sprint, which he finished in a record time of 10.73 seconds, to qualify for the 'Great Britain Juniors.' He is also a proficient long jumper. Tyrese’s compact physical frame (5 feet 10 inches, 194 pounds) not only helped him excel in sprinting but also earned him the running back position in his football team, something he had always dreamt of achieving.
Tyrese then moved to the US to make it big in the American football scene. However, his journey to participate in the sport was not easy, as opportunities were limited overseas. Tyrese happened to watch a match of the 'Elite 200 Camp' in Troisdorf, Germany. This encouraged him to experiment with football with further determination. He then mailed a few footages of his rugby skills, including the viral 'YouTube' video, to the organizers of that camp. The footages were then relayed to the 'Under Armour' selection committee, which decided to give him a chance.
Tyrese’s skills earned him an official offer from ‘Coastal Carolina.' He also received football scholarship offers from ‘Texas’ and ‘Penn State.’ Tyrese also earned the admiration of his American teammates. However, the selectors took a little more time to decide on his position on the field. They wanted to use his sprinting talent on the football ground.
In January 2018, Tyrese became the first non-American player to play at the ‘Under Armour All-America High School Football Game,' a championship tournament featuring the best high-school football players in the US competing against one another. Interestingly, he was not only the first player based outside the US but he also played the sport for the first time in his life.
Tyrese was released from the college program after a year. He then moved back to England to resume his rugby career. Following this, he remained focused on attracting the attention of Pat Lam, who was the coach of one of the premier rugby teams, the 'Bristol Bears.'

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