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Physical Appearance of Israel Pt. 2
In Project: Israelite Heritage

This Documentary lets you see for yourself so that you are made aware of the Identity of our forefathers who were brought here on slave ships. Have you ever wondered who were we before we were brought here to serve another nation and to build its society? Have you ever wondered why you have been named so may nationalities? Well follow along and I suggest you get you bible to reference what is taught so you can know that only facts from the scriptures is given and and that wisdom and understanding has been had. For this Documentary is a history lesson that will awaken and restore the children of Israel to there Identity, heritage and culture. There are those spiritual and physical influences that don"t want the Children of Israel's Identity restored as per Ps 83:1.4 read. But nothing will stop the most high plans to regather his children from the four corners of the earth where he has dispersed them.HalleluYah! After this you should know beyond a shadow of a doubt who we the so-called african americans are. Search and you shall find. Let us destroy the works of Satan that has brought us so low. As we turn back to the Most High Yah through his son and our MessiYah Yahoshua, read Deuteronomy. 3o:1-10, and Deuteronomy28:1:68 and Leviticus.26. Don't be decieved anymore for truth has finally come to you Israelites. Study to show thyself approved for nothing can keep us from the love of our ABBA Yah!
Contact AsaYah Ben Ysrayl at email israeldistrict_08@yahoo.com for more information and visit our homesite at www.hebrewisraelites.org
Blessing be upon you.

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In Project: Israelite Heritage
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