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Phenomena Television Episode 3
In Project: Phenomena Television

In the third episode of Phenomena Television we interview some very interesting paranormal researchers and personalities, including a well known name to those following UFOs, Travis Walton. If you have seen the movie Fire in the Sky, then you know Travis’ story. Travis was witnessed interacting with a UFO by several people, and then went missing for a few days. It’s an incredible story, and you can get details that are difficult to find, right here in this short, but fascinating interview. We also interview author, Dolores Cannon, who has been doing hypnotic regressions for decades, and has collected a number of abduction stories. She shares some of what she has learned. Rosemary Ellen Guiley is a paranormal investigator who writes books on ghosts and many other subjects. Among other things, here she discusses with us her latest subject, shadow people. Finally, we interview Edward Martin who wrote a book and participated in a documentary about the possibility that Jesus spent time in India.

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