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Phenomena Television Episode 2
In Project: Phenomena Television

In this episode we interview 4 leading members in the field of Ufology and the paranormal. Phyllis Galde is the Editor-in-chief of FATE magazine, the longest running paranormal magazine. Wendelle Stevens is a retired Lt. Colonel with the US Air Force. He talks about his experiences inside the Air Force that propelled him into a lifetime of study in the UFO field, with a focus on people with ET contact. Santiago Yturria-Garza is a leading Mexican Ufologist and TV host. Along with Jaime Maussan, they have amassed a huge database of amazing video evidence, including pictures and videos of strange entities. Finally, the very popular Richard Dolan, historian and Ufologist, talks to us about UFO disclosure. He can be seen on many documentaries, and was featured on the Sci-Fi channel's Sci-Fi Investigates. His talk is very insightful.

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