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Perfect Storm: Denver's "Platte-to-Park Hill" Storm Drainage Proposal Expanding Globeville Landing Outfall
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The Platte-to-Park Hill storm drainage proposal was conceived as 100-year flood protection for development along the I-70 corridor, which has been dubbed the Mayor’s “Corridor of Opportunity.” In particular, planned development by the city, CDOT and RTD is intersected by two major Denver drainage basins. The proposed expansion and lowering by 40 feet of the I-70 overpass through north Denver neighborhoods of Elyria/Swansea, as well as the proposed “Platte-to-Park Hill” detention and storm drainage system south of and parallel to I-70 exist within the unremediated Vasquez/I-70 Superfund Site. The culmination of “Platte-to-Park Hill is an expanded Globeville Landing Outfall, channeling quadruple the volume of storm drainage through the existing Superfund/Landfill site into the So. Platte River. Adrian Brown, a Civil Engineer whose specialty is surface and ground water, and soil remediation, describes the risks inherent in the project under such circumstances.

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In Project: Community Matters
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