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Part 2 Candidate Forum District 7
In Project: Views from Denver

Three democratic candidates for the State House District 7 wish to fill the seat of Speaker of the House Terrance Carroll next January and get your vote during this primary.

This is part 2 of a candidate forum sponsored by the Front Porch Stapleton Newspaper and Stapleton Moms, which focuses on the tough budget cuts expected again this next session.

Chris Adams as moderator presents a lot of information about the budgets for K-12 schools, higher education and corrections, the three largest slices of the state's budget pie, and follows with potential responses.

Mark Mehringer, a native Coloradan and father, continues attempting to show the differences between himself and the other two candidates: Mehringer is refusing PAC contributions because he believes it buggers the process at the Legislature.

Angela Williams, a mother, African American and an insurance agent, is the ONLY black running in any race for the Legislature, after Speaker Terrance Carroll and Sen. Peter Groff have left the Legislature (and Rosemary Marshall). She highlights her other qualifications and what she has in common with the voters.

Jon Goldin Dubois, a former lobbyist of Common Cause, advocates raising taxes and also attempts to raise the audience's hopes for our schools from being toward the lowest in the nation.

The candidate forum consumes about 40 minutes of this hour long show, then we filled the last with a walking tour of the 1880s cabins in Pitkin, Colorado, as well as some footage of Miranda Hook and Haley, her friend, at the ice rink just to cool you down during these hot days of July.

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