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Opening Inclusiveness: Immigration
In Project: Opening Inclusiveness

The inclusiveness show is here to create an open and accessible environment for people and organizations of all cultures and backgrounds to share their values and perspectives. Today's show will discuss an issue that affects us all.


We live in a multicultural society - a country made up of so many colors and rich histories.In fact, history defines our makeup. it was only 150 years ago that the borders were drawn between us and our closest neighbors, Mexico. Which speaks to prominent presence of Hispanic people in the US. Here in Colorado, 21% of our population is of Hispanic descent, some places like California, the number is closer to 50% Yet our polices about immigration do not reflect this presence of people. In fact, there are 11 million people lving in the united states who are have limited path to permanent residence. 

We share the biggest border with Mexico - a land, that actually used to be part of the United States. It was only in 1848, about 150 years ago, that those borders were drawn. So it is no wonder why so many Mexican people live in what is now the United States. It used to be Mexico.

Well, today we talk to a family who is directly affected by immigration policy laws, particularly the case of deportation. These are families that have been here for decades working, raising kids - being American. But that’s not enough for policy makers and law enforcement. Immigration policy has gotten more strict over the last ten years, as we will see with Tania Valenzuela and her mother, Imelda who will talk about their case.


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