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November 2014 Denver YouTube Professionals - Learning with YouTube Creator Academy

In this November 2014 meetup group for Denver YouTube Professionals, Anthony Prichard shows us how to use Creator Academy to grow our YouTube channels. 

YouTube just reported that it's 'viewed hours' just overtook cable as now the 2nd most watched video media and that thousands of people are making SIX FIGURE incomes by broadcasting a regular TV show from their basements. 

Come learn how they do this and other hidden gems on how to build your YouTube channel to gain the most followers. 

Register on the link below and we will see you there. 

Suggested donation of $10 (all proceeds go back to DOM and cost of the event) 
-- Infinitus Pizza is sponsoring us with food. http://infinituspie.com/
-- I will bring snacks and refreshments. 


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