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Newsroom One Episode 1-5 Marathon

NEWSROOM ONE is a comedic news parody show created by Ryan Seamy and Luke Ostermiller. The news in Denver has never looked so sexy.

Colorado's sexiest news team brings you real, important stories that are made-up in this Non-Emmy award winning television series. From the Producers that know how to film and edit things, 'Newsroom One' does what every other fake news show does, but with half the talent. Real Actors, dressed professionally. Hey, it's just the news, it'll be different tomorrow.

Episode one: Crystal meth, a costumed party crasher and elbow-licking are all part of this exciting first episode of Newsroom One.

Episode two: Catch an exclusive interview with a lady who eats live rodents, reports on the Obama porn scandal, a look at McDonnald's controversial new menu items and more!

Episode three: Among other things, the use of performance-enhancing drugs in the world of professional sports is discussed.

Episode four: A Newsroom One interview with a radio DJ personality takes a bizarre turn.

Episode five: Tension on the Newsroom One team escalates after an embarrassing photo is shown live on air.

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