Neoliberalism yields Wealthcare, not Healthcare

Since the 1970s when the neoliberal economy began to take hold, the cost of healthcare has continually risen. Placing profit at the center of healthcare, private equity firms began to purchase large sectors of U.S. health care to make large profits. As costs have risen, access has often diminished. Despite soaring costs, U.S. health outcomes have precipitously declined. In a segment from MSNBC Morning Joe Show, Yale history professor Timothy Snyder relates his near-death experience while seeking U.S. healthcare in 2019. Snyder writes in his book "Our Malady: Lessons in Liberty from a Hospital Diary" that U.S. commodification of human health prioritizes profiteering over provision of health care or prevention of disease. Snyder observes that reducing U.S. healthcare to a privilege instead of a human right, as in most developed countries, tends to undermine democracy as well as health. The increasing commodification of human health as a profit center has resulted in an overpriced and under-performing healthcare system, as U.S. healthcare has come to prioritize Wealthcare over Healthcare.

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