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Multi-Channel Donor Development with CiviCRM
In Project: CiviCON Denver

CiviCRM and its extensions provide lots of tools and techniques to help in donor development. This session shows how to pull them together in creating a donor development plan and implementing its various initiatives. 

Different communications channels have different levels of warmth, from cold broadcast communications to warm face to face interactions.

Come to this session to learn how CiviCRM and its extensions can best support the creation and implementation across various appropriate communications channels of a donor development plan for your organization.

Use prior interactions with your contacts, perhaps supplemented by appending demographic and each contact's social media presence, to segment your contacts based on the type of ask they will receive, personalized to them as appropriate. 

Learn how to integrate, layer and personalize communication campaigns via newsletter, email, direct mail, voice broadcasts, social media, phone calls, events and personal visits from close friends and associates to meet your development goals.

The planning approach and implementation techniques covered are similar to those for deepening the engagement of volunteers, selling higher tiers of tickets for events, or increasing membership revenues using several levels of membership. 


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In Project: CiviCON Denver
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