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May 2016 Denver YouTube Professionals - YouTube Cookbook: How To Build Your Channel From The Ground Up

More and more people are recognizing that YouTube is a powerful platform for their ideas. Some experts say that in the near future our YouTube channels will be even more important than our own websites!

So, if you feel like you missed the bus and you're starting in the back 'jump' to the front of the line today by signing up for the next Denver YouTube Professionals Meetup group. Our vision: To gather, share and practice using YouTube and the power of video for businesses. Come sit back and relax as host, Anthony Prichard navigates through the overwhelming task of starting a YouTube Channel and making it look PROFESSIONAL, from the ground up. If you feel like a rubber nosed woodpecker in a petrified forrest when it comes to video - on the internet, this is the meeting for you!

Suggested donation is $10 and goes back into this community station to help us facilitate this great community resource. Free pizza provided by iPIE Infinitus Pizza with an infinite number of possibilities! Happy hour cocktails provided by Colorado Squeal Rum.

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