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Making Technology Inclusive - with OMF, Episode One
In Project: Opening Inclusiveness

How can Inclusiveness and Technology move your organization forward?

Is Technology an ever-moving target for your organization that never quite meets your or your audience’s needs?

Join a wide variety of panelists from community organizations as they discuss the challenges and opportunities they face with Technology. Learn how they implement Inclusiveness policies and take advantage of Technology that delivers important access to those they serve.

You will come away refreshed with new ideas and energy on how to take on the complexities of Technology and Inclusiveness and move your organization well into the 21st century.

When you tune in to Making Technology Inclusive you will see in detail how other community organizations are adapting to the ever-growing demands of their missions from the Inclusiveness that Technology delivers to their widely diverse populations and communities.


Cassie Parkhurst, Development Associate, The Center

Michele Soli, Development & Communications Associate, Rights for All People

Jen Baty, Program Manager, Spirit of the Sun



Robbie McBeath, Program Manager, HandsOn Tech Denver

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