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League of Women Voters
In Project: Views from Denver

<p>National President Elisabeth MacNamara of the League of Women Voters joins Host Nancy Ulrich and the Colorado League President Patty Cordova for a special opportunity to share. Then Gerry Cummins, the local League treasure who chops up ballot initiatives faster than anyone, presents her opinions of some dangerous initiatives this year. Her discourse on Ballot Initiatives 60, 61 and 101 beats all, even impressing Paula Rhoads, producer, a former newspaper reporter of 15 years, who normally likes this sort of stuff. MacNamara hails from Georgia but was recently elected national President of the League of the USA. Her stop in Denver was at the beginning of a long tour of many states before she would sleep at home on her own pillow.</p>

Published: 10/05/2010 0 Comments
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In Project: Views from Denver
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