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Lakota Ride Again

Tony Brave Producer/Director and Oglala Lakota Chief Wilmer ""Stampede""Mesteth present the Lakota Paradigm narrated by Jhon Goes In Center and film of the ""Crazy Horse"" and ""Little Big Horn"" memorial rides of the Lakota People. The Lakota People are a First Nation that successfully defeated the United States of America at the Battle of Greasy Grass on the Little Big Horn river on June 25, 1876. This eight after the USA had signed a constitutional treaty in 1868 based on Article 6. This ""Lakota Ride Again"" DVD is a trailer for an upcoming planned documemtary that tells the Lakota Story by the First Nation Production company Maka Si Tomni (Surrounding the Universe) Bringing Forth a Thriving Lakota Language & Culture. Get a first hand perspective of the significance of the Lakota view-point and the ""Black Hills"" of South Dakota. For further information contact website: www.makasitomni.org or www.wiserearth.org/group/makasitomni

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