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A Just Cause - Episode 4 - Roundtable Discussion
In Project: A Just Cause

<p>A Just Cause takes a look at injustice that can occur in the U.S. judicial process. A Just Cause has been investigating the case of IRP Solutions Corporation. IRP is a software development company that was developing software for law enforcement. The company and several of it's executives are currently under federal investigation. Trial is set for January 2011. The company got in debt while developing software for major law enforcement agencies, but one of it's vendors accused the company of fraud. This triggered a federal investigation and subsequent FBI raid on the business. Several improper things have occurred during the investigation. A Just Cause sets the record straight on what IRP is all about. In Episode 4, A Just Cause sits down with the men of IRP Solutions for a round table discussion about recent events (including an article that ran in the Denver Post). This is a true story. It happened to IRP and A Just Cause has found that it is happening to others across the country. View the program. Make comments. Thank you....</p>

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Producer: sthurman
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Theme: Community Issues and Advocacy
In Project: A Just Cause
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