Innervision FM - BLM is a funding source for Democrats
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BLM is fake as this group is a fundraising tool for the Democrats and socialist. BLM pushes killings of born and un- born Black babies and they want to get rid of marriage between a Black man and woman! They tell you BLM and at the same time destroy Black own businesses and kill Black people who get caught in the cross fire. Don’t believe me go to their web site and read it for yourself and look up the body count of Black people killed during the Riets. Brett Boyer promo 00:21 Johnnie J. Intro to show 03:19 Brother Rich We gotta make it 03:44 Johnnie J. Support our local artists through Spotify 00:56 Bootzy Collins/Gospel Gangstaz Gangstaz Don't Dance 03:50 Denver school of Rock 1 00:51 Winne Kabuye Saved to Serve 03:16 Johnnie J. Call us 720 324-7278 00:51 Mongo Slave The Resurrection 03:00 Brett Boyer Christian Brothers Moving Company . 00:30 Kaden Jordan One Spark 03:35 Johnnie J. New songs 00:38 Jose Tardio Sanchez 3 Una flor in New York 06:08 Brett Boyer innervision car spot 6 10 2016 01:12 Mali Music I Believe 03:52 Johnnie J. BLM is not for Black people they are funded by Soris 03:36 Apologic All the stalls 02:44 Brett Boyer new innervision contemporary christian radio liner 00:31 Johnnie J. The dumbing down of our young people 01:22 Wayne Turner Track 7 Little Hater 04:16 Johnnie J. 01:42 J. Dibbs God Loves Us All 04:41 Jennifer Udema End of Innervision FM show 01:38
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