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Industrial Hemp in Malawi

Guest Tanya Clarke, Director with Invegrow discusses industrial hemp in Malawi. Invegrow's mission is to make industrial hemp a leading cash crop in Malawi and Africa producing quality world renown products. Episode 22, Getting High on Anthropology; Marty Otañez, Host and Producer

Invegrow is the first and only company in Malawi to be trialling Industrial hemp with the Government in order to establish a budding hemp industry in the region. We are working hand in hand to introduce this crop with the upmost integrity and partner with them to ensure the success of the project. The company committed to seeing Industrial hemp expand through Africa and want Malawi to be one of the pioneers. In a country that is very poor, being innovative, inclusive and responsible in business is important. 

Published: 4/01/2017 0 Comments
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