The Git Up (Unpacked)
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Track from Blanco Brown. PLEASE PICK A STAR, 1 = OK, 5 = PLAY IT AGAIN. 

Occasionally Vagrom rips off corporate record label songs, for various reasons. Today, it's Blanco Brown's controversial "The Git Up," which according to KCRW's Chris Douridas, is blowing up. ​Dr. Robert Muñoz, Jr., Vagrom's guest social justice and cultural contributor, breaks down the ear-worm worthy mash-up fusing country line dancing and hip-hop. Muñoz is a Social Justice Writing Teacher, at KIPP Aspire Academy in San Antonio, TX. This BMG title comes via fair use here, thanks to said commentary. VOTE 5 STARS = PLAY AGAIN, 1 STAR = NOT SO GREAT. More discoveries from a street-level POV at

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Producer: ericgalatas
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Theme: Music: Folk, Country & Bluegrass
In Project: Vagrom Tunes
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