The Geyser Saga
In Project: Whoa Sequoia

Whoa Sequoia is the musical project of Denver-based Guitarist, Producer and Multi-Instrumentalist Brandon S Meyer.

He has released 3 albums under the Whoa Sequoia banner, including 2020's "The Geyser Saga," a space-themed rock opera/concept album. The Geyser Saga was written during the early parts of COVID quarantine, and is a story about an alien invasion, with grander themes of isolation, loneliness, fear and doubt.

Meyer is also an Emmy-winning Filmmaker and Video Editor, with work in award-winning documentaries and TV content.

He is currently working on a new Whoa Sequoia album called "David Letterman," which will be released this summer.

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Producer: whoasequoia
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Theme: Music: Rock, Indie, Punk, & Post
In Project: Whoa Sequoia
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