Genghis Khan
In Project: J.W. Morris Music

I took my time writing this song -- I've made more changes, lyrically and musically, to this song, than I have to any other songs I've written.  I'm not even settled on this current incarnation, but some of the other songs I was working on just weren't vibin' for me due to the state of affairs when I wrote this at the beginning of the lockdown.  It's strange times, and is proving to be a touchstone for each and every person right now in some way, and even though this song is dark and quirky, there's a gentle optimisim to it as well.  I hope you like it!  Be good to each other, and yourselves.


The world around is closing in
The globe is smaller than before
Back to the basics once again
Isolation at its core

Karmic currency hit an all-time high
Nothing to follow, to be, or see
Mystery and history intertwine
It's all been done long before me

Own the world like Genghis Khan
Unite the Steppe and make a run
Meditate the days on by
Burkhan Khaldun with your mind's eye
Wash all your cares away
Drinking mare's milk all damn day
The battle's never really done
Own the world like Genghis Khan

Running fast but moving slow
When even questions have their price
How much do you need to know
If it's just a roll of the dice

Own the world like Genghis Khan
Unite the Steppe and make a run
Make a falcon your best friend
Take the Silk Road under your command
Erase the aristocracy
By despising luxury
All that's lost can still be won
Own the world like Genghis Khan

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Producer: J.W. Morris
Locally Produced: Local Production
Theme: Music: Folk, Country & Bluegrass
In Project: J.W. Morris Music
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Language: English