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Fred Brown, Denver Post columnist
In Project: Views from Denver

Fred Brown leaves his comfortable office at the Denver Post today to have a comfy chat with Nancy Ulrich, our host, about how the recent election (two days ago) is shaping up.

Nancy Ulrich and Fred Brown, both being very involved in producing and/or moderating candidate forums in recent years, have quite a bit in common to talk about.

She is currently co-president of the Denver League of Women Voters, which has produced many candidate forums. Mr. Brown, as longtime Denver Post columnist, was previously responsible for managing the Post's telephone polls, and continues moderating such forums.

Surprise defeats, such as of Cary Kennedy, turn to political predictions of who seeks the Denver Mayor office now that Mr. Hickenlooper is moving into the governor's mansion soon.

Have politics turned so negative that a trend is visible? Are there fewer newspaper reporters to sit through the upcoming Legislative Session committee hearings? Is Fred Brown full of intriguing observations? Watch and see.

P.S. One would never guess that the producer of this show is currently censored by the Denver Post blogs for 30 days!

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