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Four Years of Marijuana:Colorado's Legalization Effect

Four Years of Marijuana: Colorado's Legalization Effect. Organized by Denver City Forum in Littleton, Colorado, 15 March 2017. Episode 23: Getting High on Anthropology: A Story-Based Approach to Cannabis Research, Education and Funding. Presenters: Ron Kammerzell (0:00-17:50 mins.), Senior Director of Enforcement, Colorado Department of Revenue; Dr. Chris Thurstone (17:50-31:30 mins.), Associate Professor, Department of Psychiatry, CU Anschutz Medical Campus; Marty Otañez (31:30-45:20 mins.), Associate Professor, Anthropology Department, CU Denver; and Dave Morlan (45:20-58:25 mins), Teaching Pastor, Fellowship Church Denver. For additional information on Denver City Forum contact Brandon Addison, Brandon.Addison@gmail.com

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