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First Friday Live! April 2010 - ep38

<p>Welcome to First Friday Live! In this episode, DorkBot303 hosts 3 presenters pushing the boundaries of collaboration and new technologies.</p>
<p>Aaron Wilson/Technic9 shows off his "Magic Skreen" a multi-touch projection screen with "Noise Surface" software for audio manipulation and performance.</p>
<p>Synthia Payne presents "Telematic Music." An online collaborative music scene that uses NINJAM open source software to allow musicians from all over the world to play with each other in real time!</p>
<p>Photonic Bliss presents "The Flouro Forrest" and other interactive LED curiosities. This is a prototype of a much larger, interactive installation that allows people to play with light, lasers, and sound!</p>
<p>Also in this episode, our Intern Spotlight with Leslie Bass &amp; Stacey Ball.</p>
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<p>April 2010 - Episode 38</p>

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