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"Financial Incentives" or Bribes?
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Host Nancy Ulrich wings it on LIVE tv today as the legislator scheduled to appear took a wrong turn at Albuquerque and ended up in Thornton. But we hope Rep. Ellen Roberts of Durango will be on soon.

Durango is one of the tv stations we occasionally send our shows to, and occasionally we hear back from Durango too.

But Producer Paula Rhoads sits in to discuss "financial kickbacks" with Nancy as the subject has come up in two separate bills this year: Senate Bill 76 and SB 11 on worker's compensation conflicts of interest.

So, if you were the injured worker subjected to the worker's compensation division's examination, would you like to know that Pinnacol is paying your doctor to delay or deny a claim until you die? Are "financial incentives" for adjusters and physicians on par with regular bonuses paid to employees for good work? Or are they unethical and immoral?

Video from a March 31, 2010 Senate Judiciary Committee hearing includes Dr. Lynn Parry, who was on the interim Pinnacol Assurance committee and represents some physician associations. And also worker's comp attorney Jennifer Bisset, who testified about Pinnacol's system of financial incentives for physicians already in place and planning to pump out "financial incentives" by summer.

If Pinnacol uses its vast reserves to pay physicians and adjusters to deny and delay claims, what happens to the injured workers? Do they end up forced onto public assistance, as the worker's comp act says they are not to be? So the public gets to pay these bills while the insurance companies skip out? So those kickbacks were worth it to THEM? But to the public?

Who is minding the public's interests then?

Nancy and Paula lollygag about several subjects, including THE BURNING CRADLE, a public access tv show they produced years ago about child sexual abuse at Denver Community Television.

And then Nancy expounds on the Capitol rehab of the gold dome being proposed.

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