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February 2017 Denver YouTube Professionals - How to be a Video Spokesperson

Join the infallible Mia Voss and former Miss USA, Shawnae Jebbia for an intellectual and interactive discussion on how to put your best foot forward when stepping in front of the camera to be a video spokesperson. 

We didn't grow up taking business classes in college expecting to have to communicate in front of the camera, but today, it is painfully obvious that if we don't then we WILL get left behind. 

This LIVE Television YouTube Meetup group will explore the best reasons to be a video spokesperson in today's digital marketplace and why it is so important. Then we'll look what steps you can take to becoming a better video spokesperson, what to say and then how to say it. 

Join us for this fun, educational and entertaining LIVE video platform. Former Miss. USA Shawnae Jebbia and LIVE Video Travel Blogger, MIa Voss will share examples of good spokesperson on-camera performance and help you find your own voice for being your own best video spokesperson. 

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