False "Choice" of Private Health Insurance

Our guest is Dr. Vincent Markovchick, emergency room doctor for 40 years, 20 years as director of Denver Health Emergency Services.

The podcast begins with clips of candidate and media comments echoing industry talking points regarding health care reform. Represented are presidential Candidates John Delaney, Pete Buttigieg, Michael Bennet, Michael Bloomberg and Joe Biden; and 2 Colorado U.S. Senate candidates, Cory Gardner and John Hickenlooper. Also captured are remarks of 2 NPR reporters, Steve Inskeep and Mara Liasson.  Most candidates promote some form of "Faux Medicare," "public option" plans that maintain administratively complex and costly private insurance plans at their center.

The health care reform debate in 2020, driven by corporate media and candidates, is based on many false pretenses, including the notion that people have a "choice" of private insurance. Any "choice" is in fact exercised by private insurance companies, who can at will drop the insured, drop their plans, medicines, as well as doctors and hospitals from their narrow networks, leaving people high and dry, subject to high medical bills and medical bankruptcy. The fallacy of employer-linked coverage is evident with effects of the coronavirus pandemic and 7.3 million Americans on track to lose their jobs and employer-provided health coverage by June 2020.


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