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Empowered For Life - Slaying My Giants Pt 1
In Project: Empowered for Life

<p>STRATEGIES FOR SLAYING MY GIANTS - PT 1 This dynamic and relevant teaching will provide you with insight into the mindset and skill set we all need to face the difficult things in life. Every one of us has that challenge. It may come in various shapes and sizes for different people, but we all have an area of our life that presents extraordinary challenge and opposition. The fact is, what we’ve used to successfully overcome certain issues in our lives seems to be totally ineffective in other areas of our lives. David learned to leverage his past experiences with opposition and find new and effective ways to face the giant that stood between him and his destiny. You will be empowered to live in new levels of victory as you embrace these truths!</p>

Published: 6/13/2011 0 Comments
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Producer: vmitchell
Locally Produced: Local Production
Theme: Faith-Based
In Project: Empowered for Life
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