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Denver Urban Spectrum's 25 Timeless Legends
In Project: Denver Urban Spectrum

<p>Interviews of history makers in the Denver metro community feature 25 Timeless Legends selected by the Denver Urban Spectrum (DUS) to be honored at the DUS 25th Anniversary Gala in Denver, Colo. in April 2012. Learn about the significant contributions and the insights of these influential and inspirational African-American women (Ashara Ekundayo, Bertha Lynn, Carlotta LaNier, Claudia Jordan, Cleo Parker Robinson, Dawn Bookhardt, Dianne Reeves, Edna Mosley, Elbra Wedgeworth, Essie Garrett, Dr. Evie Dennis, Glenda C. Barry, Gloria Tanner, Happy Haynes, Hazel Miller, Hazel Whitsett, Lauren Casteel, Marie Greenwood, Rhonda Fields, Ruth Denny, Selena Dunham, Syl Morgan Smith, Tamara Banks, Vel Garner, Wilma Webb). PRODUCER, EDITOR &amp; DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY: Tanya Ishikawa. Assistant Producer: Bee Harris. NARRATOR: Gary Ashton. MUSIC: Marcus Adams &amp; Julius Williams – "The Man of a Thousand Voices". ASSISTANT EDITORS: Jai Harris &amp; Vashti Mathis. STUDIO ASSISTANT: Angelia McGowan. INTERVIEWER: Norma Paige. INTERVIEWER ASSISTANTS: Aliah Paige &amp; Kiara Paige. SPECIAL THANKS TO: Open Media Foundation, Denver Open Media, All the Timeless Legends &amp; their Families, Yasuo &amp; Canyon Ishikawa, and Carol &amp; Dixie Rinehart. All Rights Reserved under Creative Commons: April 2012.</p>

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