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December 2014 Denver YouTube Professionals - Emotional Connection

George Ira Carroll was our guest speaker! See a testimonial about George below.

Video is the MOST effective means of communication on the internet because it allows us to utilize 4 out of the 5 available senses that our audience members have available:

1.) Sight

2.) Sound

3.) Touch

4.) our Emotions.

Emotion is the most important sense to use when making a YouTube video because it allows us to create common ground. When we can elicit an emotional response from a human being we get connected to them and their feelings. When a person feels strongly about something then they are more likely to do something about it. Starting from the basics is important. . . Especially, for men because emotions are not something that we instinctual think about. In fact, the word Emotional intelligence is likely to scare most men off in a different direction.

This meetup group discusses the 4 areas above that contribute to a high E.Q. and demonstrate what it is like to create a compelling YouTube video with real emotion that you can duplicate over and over again in your authority marketing videos to boost your business.

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