Commentary: False Corporate Narrative of Health Care Reform
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Corporate media and candidates frequently parrot health industry talking points. "Choice" of private insurance is pretense, as choice is exercised by private health insurers who arbitrarily drop plans, medicines, doctors and hospitals from their narrow networks. Many sectors view the health economy as a huge profit center, with many groups lobbying heavily for the status quo to preserve their bottom line profits. reveals that many 2020 candidates have received tens of thousands of dollars in contributions from health industry groups, who in turn, heavily lobby Washington.

Administratively complex and actuarially unsound multiple small-risk-pool private health insurers alone contritube mightily to inflationary health costs - $3.65 trillion alone in 2016. Dozens of studies since 1991 have demonstrated hundreds of billions of dollars in savings with a Medicare for All reform model. Most recently, a Yale study projected $450 billion and 68,000 lives saved annually with Medicare for All reform. The current COVID19 pandemic demonstrates that everyone is only as healthy as the least insured among us. Everyone does better when everybody is covered.

Published: 3/27/2020 0 Comments
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