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CiviCRM Custom Reports 101
In Project: CiviCON Denver


Lola Slade

If you want to create or modify CiviCRM reports to get your data out of the system this workshop will help. The session is oriented towards administrators and programmers who have never modified CiviCRM report files.

We will start with a VERY bare bones report and enhance it step by step. This will slowly build up our knowledge of the report file structure.

Then we will talk about troubleshooting the reports provided with CiviCRM.
Now knowing the basic structure of reports we will be able to quickly look at:

  • Adding fields
  • Adding filters
  • Order by options
  • Sort options
  • Grouping

Finally we we will take whirlwind look at some enhancements and alternatives to CiviReport.

There is an extension to support the examples used in the presentation: https://github.com/freeform/ca.freeform.civireport101.


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