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CiviCON Denver- Making the Most of Events
In Project: CiviCON Denver
Speaker: Bruce Thompson

Events are a key aspect to many organizations. Whether a conference, fund raiser or trainings, managing the event registration, reporting and accounting is key. CiviEvent is a powerful tool to handle your organization's event management. This session will cover simple event setup to events requiring complex registration data. Topics covered will include:

  • Basic event setup overview including event information, location, fees, on-line registration & scheduled reminders
  • Utilizing Event Templates 
  • Setup of registration profiles including the collection of custom data
  • Utilizing price sets for different fee levels as well as workshop session registration
  • Use of CiviDiscount & CiviVolunteer
  • Sending scheduled reminders to participants
  • Getting the most out of reports
  • Customizing registration forms to optimize the user experience

The session will also include case studies with unique registration requirements and solutions.

Published: 10/14/2015 0 Comments
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In Project: CiviCON Denver
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