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Cannabis Workers' Issues: Getting High on Anthropology

Episode on Cannabis Workers’ Issues (www.FSandGreen.org). Guest Lia Berman, graduate student in applied anthropology at the University of South Florida. This episode features the short video ‘Cannabis Commodity Chain’ by Lily created in the course ‘Cannabis Cultures,’ Anthropology Department, University of Colorado Denver fall 2015 (Marty Otañez, course instructor), and the video ’Two for Tuesdays, Two Pre-Rolls for the Price of One’ with Bridgette, former budtender in Colorado. The episode is designed to increase awareness among anthropologists, social scientists, public health professionals and community members on evidence-based research and creative work in cannabis studies. Marty Otañez, Producer and Host (otanezm@gmail.com).

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Producer: Marty.Otanez
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Theme: Cultural Perspectives
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