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Johnnie J. talks about Candace Owens coming to Boulder University and how her taking the red pill has change her and others like her. Ben Shapira, Charlie Kirk and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortec do these people know each other? Is ALC as stupid as Republicans think, or is she very smart making people thing she is a willing leftwing socialist? President Johnson causing through welfare the 71 percent households being run by women with children. How rappers and singers like Jay Z and Beyonce, became the media dad and moms for fatherless homes. The only reason Hillary Clinton use Jay Z and Beyonce in a concert was to have young and older black people to associate her with them and to vote Democrat for 60 more years for a hand out, not a hand up! Stevie Wonder and Chance the rapper change his mind as well about the group “Black lives matter,” only protesting when a white policeman kills a black person, not when another black kills another black. Are you madder about Ralph Northam words about abortion, or that he put on a black face, or the K.K.K. hood? Don’t forget to like our FB page, listen to our 6:00pm Monday/Tuesday call in radio show 720 324-7278, watch our FB, “Innervision.J, Periscope, follow us on twitter innervisionreco and sign up on our web site for our free News Letter at Donate to our nonprofit at Us these links to buy stuff: Use this link and Amazon will donate 5 percent to Innervision Car donation http://¬www.cardonatingiseasy¬.org/donate/¬?CharityID=4015 - Toll Free Donation (7 days a week): 855 500-RIDES (7433) Charity ID 4015 • eBay for Charity PayPal Donations Page
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