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Body of Work: The Fashionistas of Denver staring Mondo Guerra of Project Runway
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Where is Mondo Guerra now? What are his current projects? Find out as we talk to some of the top fashion designers in Denver including a brand new interview with Mondo Guerra of Project Runway. We also spoke with Mona Lucero, Gabriela Martinez and emerging children's clothing designer Bianca Lopez. Each artist show us examples of their "Body of Work" . In this episode we talked to the Fashion Association creator, Mona Lucero and discussed her online boutique MonaLucero.com, we hosted a fashion show for children's designer Bianca Lopez and Gabriela Martinez brought in two absolutely gorgeous models to demonstrate her new work and multiple awards. Mondo tells us about relaunching his website and host Jacinta Lobato discussed his Project Runway experience and in this brand new interview. Who inspires Mondo? What does he consider his most important work? Find out in this episode of Body of Work created Jacinta Lobato.

Must see show, brand new and trending! Unscriped and real conversations with top designers. Heart felt interviews. 

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