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Body of Work: The Body Painters
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Welcome to Body of Work hosted by Jacinta Lobato. In this episode we spoke with celebrity artist Mythica from Skin Wars season one. She told us what is was like to appear on a reality televsion show. Sophia Rose; a Youtube sensation stopped by and talked to us about her career in body painting and her ASMR videos. She also told us a little bit about  www.xcentricityarts.com. 
Last but least artist Sam Spiegel of www.Art2Body.net  performed a breath taking step by step demonstration of his body painting technique. 
This is a must see, please share and don't forget to subscribe to  Body of Work. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLP6MDUw1BP0l8IGmIsIKBmn4kG-WVfb4_



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