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Blissfest333 Green Screen Workshop with Mark Roeder and his Crew
In Project: Blissfest333


Go behind the scenes with film making tales from the sets of Fire Ripples and The Low Road, Baby! Hear the low down from co-producer and production designer Eve Castillo, visual FX artists Cristofer Adrian and Bradley Burrows, stunt coordinator Jack Brando, and writer, director, editor, and actor Mark Roeder!  

Be a part of the action with Brad as he gives a live green screen demonstration from The Low Road, Baby and Fire Ripples! Be on TV! Brave audience volunteers recruited! Learn how to do big action on low budget! 

It's all part of Blissfest333 International Arts and Film Festival!

The Low Road, Baby is a short award winning action comedy about a custody battle that gets out of hand on a highway overpass in roaring traffic.

The Crippler is an award winning horror comedy about a girl who falls out of love with her boyfriend when he pushes her out a window and cripples her, so she hires The Crippler to cripple her boyfriend.

The Meatman is an award winning short film about a meatman turned scientist who feeds diseased meat to his sore-covered assistant, who turns the tables on the evil Meatman when the meat eats into his brain and unlocks dormant telekinesis.






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Producer: Michael Bliss
Locally Produced: Local Production
Theme: Arts & Film
In Project: Blissfest333
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