Binge On Me (single) - AOMM

AOMM is releasing a new song and video each month on the 25th! Binge On Me is January's track.

Denver, Colorado’s AOMM (Always On My Mind) is living proof that raw talent, hustle, drive, and meaningful lyrics can still prevail in an ailing music industry. What else would explain a blossoming career—one that has this upcoming band playing at major events and trailblazing all over the 303?! AOMM has appeared onthe renowned 5280 Stage at Comic-con this year, as well as the Summit Music Hall opening up for “Highly Suspect”, “The Unlikely Candidates”, and“The Barons; they have played on the Metro State campus, as well as a number of parties and venues throughout the Front Range. 

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Producer: asutterer
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Theme: Music: Rock, Indie, Punk, & Post
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Rating: TV-14
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