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Atlas of Thoughts - Tim Danahey & Bob Hullinghorst
In Project: Atlas of Thoughts

Tim Danahey is the owner, founder and host of the internet radio talk show called the Tim Danahey Show. The show features a selection of current topics ranging from economics to government, social issues and history and has also been nationally-recognized as a quality show for non-fiction authors to discuss their books. Tim Danahey received his MBA from the University of Denver and has previously worked as a Management Consultant.

“The Hizmet Movement represents Islam in a very important way for Americans to understand because the Hizmet Movement represents Islam in a very kind manner, a spiritual manner, not necessarily so adherent to the structure or the literal translation of perhaps the Qur’an, but Hizmet makes Islam accessible to people and it breaks down the fear that does not need to be there.”

“… by supporting schools, by supporting efforts globally that are consistent with the beliefs of Hizmet, they have taken Islam out of the Middle East and they have presented it in a very positive manner throughout the world. They’ve done more for Islam than many organizations I have encountered.”

“Hizmet reaches out and stresses what we have in common. And by doing that, it enables the people to work together. ……… There is a respect about every person’s faith, there is a respect for what every person does and what their beliefs are and based on that respect that Hizmet has for other faiths, that opens the door for us to reciprocate and to give that respect back to Hizmet and to Islam.”

Bob Hullinghorst is the Boulder County Treasurer, Colorado. Hullinghorst served as program director at Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education. He worked in finance, developing several institutional investment programs. He received graduate degrees in history from University of Wyoming and law from George Washington University.

 “The idea of dialogue between people of different religions I think is undoubtedly very important. And the Hizmet Movement is definitely at the core of that dialogue between Muslims and the people in the US from my own personal experience.”

“I have taken educators to these schools to get them exposed and get an understanding of what’s going on. And I think that has contributed a lot to our community understanding that people from Turkey are trying to make a real contribution. And I think we can learn a lot from it.”

“I think it would be so much more productive if we would have dialogues around the kinds of needs that we have around the world that I think are really fundamentally behind the hostility and the wars that we’re having. And I think that by pointing out that there is a strong potential for dialogue, the Hizmet Movement has been a very strong factor in helping me understand that we can get beyond just religious differences.”

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In Project: Atlas of Thoughts
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